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BIZbyAI is the AI business solution arm of imimr systems. We power up your business with AI. We provide a wide spectrum of AI solutions to corporate customers -- Selling, Marketing, Customer Service, After Sales and Operations by AI solutions.


Who We Are

We are an AI solution provider. Our vision is to democratize AI through providing sophisticated and effective AI solutions to corporate customers.


Our Solutions

We use the latest technology of AI Chatbot, Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Big Data Analytics and Sentiment Analysis to help our customers for great customer experience and business performance.

GenAI Virtual Agent

Generative AI Virtual Agents (GenAI VAs) are automated self-service applications that utilize advanced large language models (LLMs) to allow users to ask specific questions or request services. They provide relevant responses based on specific documents, data, or services from businesses.
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AI Document Digitalization Solution

AI Document digitalization involves the automatic conversion of physical or scanned documents into structured digital formats, making them easily accessible and searchable. Key data and relationships are extracted using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to create AI-enriched data. This AI-enriched data is indexed in a search engine like ElasticSearch for quick searching. Additionally, a dashboard is created to display key metrics, statistics, trends, and analytics.
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AI Application Processing and Approval System

We frequently receive applications from our customers, and the process of checking and validating these applications against supporting documents can be time-consuming. It becomes even more complex when applications need to be vetted against technical documents, such as type examination reports from a test lab. Thanks to AI, our Application Processing and Approval system can now handle the entire workflow of processing and approving applications digitally and automatically.
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Predictive Analytics with NLP

Predictive Analytics (PA) uses historical data to predict potential future events or behaviors. This helps companies make more informed decisions in the present. Predictive analytics assists in making better decisions, reducing risk, gaining customer insights, and enhancing operational efficiency. Our PA solutions utilize natural language processing (NLP) to extract key entities and their relations from texts, and support input of mixed numeric, categorical, and semantic text data.
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